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Trauma isn’t Us….

Trauma isn’t Us….

Trauma isn’t Us….

We tend to tell people that trauma is a part of who we are, like its a scar that can’t be healed. More like, a right to do traumatic things to other people. Trauma isn’t us. We have traumatic experiences but we have a choice not to be our trauma. We have great times in life and we have horrible times as well. Why do we choose to remain in the pain of the horror as opposed to the joy of great times?

Did we stop believing that we have some control over the outcome? Let’s remove the bars before our relationships suffer. Our time on this earth is to preserve pass the nasty people we encounter by finding people that Love us. If you’re thinking Loving people aren’t out there. You’re wrong, they exist. We just have to set standards, show Love to attract Love, and eliminate those that prefer drama over Love. But first, we must become the Love we expect.

Becoming the Love we expect will take talking about the Trauma as an illness we WILL overcome. It will take understanding the experience occurred (no matter how horrible) but we want something greater. Will it be easy? Not at all. Is it worth the fight? We have to decide that for ourselves. The LoveSnobs believe every person should be in a positive, supportive, equal relationship, but YOU must have faith in that belief before it becomes actual. Remember, our trauma isn’t us but it is evaluated of our character.

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