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Relationship Should Inspire Us….

Relationship Should Inspire Us….

Relationship Should Inspire Us….

Are you inspired by the people around you? If the answer is “no” why aren’t you?

Wake up, not just to breath but to exhale so others can inhale. Our inability to be satisfied in our personal relationships is the cause of so many sad and depressed people. We can say it is them and take the easy way out. Or we can look in the mirror and start a hard discussion regarding why we aren’t inspired by the people around us.

We see too many lonely people with a phone full of people to call but not one person to call on. We see other lonely people with great support but choosing to do it all alone. Listen, the greatest thing we can do in life is building a solid personal support system. We don’t have to have a high IQ, we don’t have to have lots of money, we don’t even have to have an exceptional skill set. All we have to do is search for people that inspire us to be our best. Inspiration breeds passion, passion breeds devotion, devotion breeds dedication, and dedication will lead to honesty and trust which is the foundation of Love.

We talk about the shortness of life yet we live in our heads fearful of our hearts. Walk up to the people you Love, sit them down, and start the uncomfortable discussion regarding your lack of inspiration to wake up every morning. Explain to them what you discovered by looking in the mirror. Ask them if they are inspired by you. Don’t allow them off the hook with a phrase like “no one should look to others for inspiration because it is within us”. Ask them to get an honest answer. If their answer is “no”. Start truly examining why the friendship is no longer about bringing the best out of each other. If the answer is “yes”. Still, explore why they don’t inspire you.

We should want to open our eyes and have the faith of inspiring and positive influential relationships. If we don’t what is the purpose of relating?

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