Discussion #14: Unconditional Love vs. Accountable Love


We were raised to believe that Love has no conditions yet we hold our partners and friends to a standard.  Are we holding  each other Accountable? Relationships should hold each other Accountable to be their best, to make decisions in absence of selfishness.  Join Jerri and Aziz in dissecting the definitions of  Unconditional Love vs. Accountable Love .




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  1. I have found that in my years, I was never really held accountable by anyone’s standard. That has been hard for me to fully understand. Never fully understood the concept.

    1. It’s important to be held accountable by the people that say they Love you. How is it Love if they let you do whatever, whenever? It isnt Love, its guilt. We need to start allowing people to see what they did and earn their way back in our lives. AccountableLove is everyone working to have the best lives, not just experiencing for the sake of experiencing.

    2. The basic definition of accountability is responsibility. It’s knowing your worth and using that as your standard to measure not only your expectations from those that love you but their expectations of you. So many times we excuse a person shortcomings because they don’t know how but in actuality a person knows how they want to be treated and knows the type of environment that they want to be in that allows them to flourish. Love does have conditions you may love a person who’s abusive but that is not an environment that allows you to flourish allows you to grow pushes you to be better the world we live in will tell you immediately to leave that person but if you were in a relationship with a person that never made time for you that was not putting forth the effort to maintain the relationship you would be told to understand that it’s hard for that person and not everybody is there not everybody knows how to be in a relationship what they tend to forget is that love has conditions and then how can you maintain that love if you’re not putting in the time energy and work that is needed to build on it and maintain what made you fall in love with the person to begin with.

      I hope this provides better clarity for you and thanks for posting your comment and thanks for listening. Our goal is to start the hard discussions so that everyone can achieve AccountableLove.

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