My name is Aziz. I am a LoveSnob, co-host and co-founder of The AccountableLove Podcast. I have been interested in personal relationships for most of my life. “Love is my only addiction” and raising the standard of “Love” has always been my message. I never understood why people believe “Love” is an emotion, when emotions are fleeting. Love is a faith and too many times I have watched that faith being used as a crutch to accept bad behavior. I have been called unrealistic because I believe “Love” means being accountable and reliable.
When my heart was broken at a young age, I lost my faith and refused to commit to anyone. Kissing people I didn’t like, having sex with people I never intended on making my girlfriend; I lost my principles and my Love for myself. In the process, I shared moments that were meant to be cherished. I knew better, so,that mentality only lasted for a summer. I rediscovered my faith and I started teaching AccountableLove to who ever would listen. Until, a friend of mine, Melissa Shields said we should start a podcast, I asked Jerri to be my co-host, and AccountableLove Podcast was born. We aren’t only trying to educate people about their worth. We want them to see the worth in building healthier relationships. “Because we are good as one but we are Great as many working as one”. No one should go through life alone….

My name is Jerri. I am a LoveSnob and co-host of The AccountableLove Podcast. I started examining my relationships after a few happy and heartbreaking experiences with relationships. I noticed how I never had an issue with transparency in my romantic partners and Friendships yet I was always asked to read everyone else’s minds. I always felt that Love should equal “AccountableLove” but didn’t necessarily have the terminology. So, after cleaning the skeletons out my life, through a lot of talking and sharing my experiences and lessons. I started challenging my Love ones to do the same.
I watched friends and family memebers accept shortcomings by justifying them, staying in relationships that never reflected Love, and keeping secrets that destroyed them inside out. I started challenging them by asking “what is Love” and it was hard for them to truly give me an answer, but they believed they were in Loving relationships. It was difficult watching them believe in something they couldn’t define. So, when Aziz asked me to be his Co-host of the AccountableLove podcast, it clicked. This can be the perfect platform to get people to “Join the Discussion” and fully take back the faith in “Love” by defining terms of Love.

  1. sonicspenny

    please tell me that love isn’t a privilege. because it breaks my heart to think that efforts don’t mean anything when another person can easily give it to the person you love because they had it from the very start. from the moment you made a comment on my entry, i believe that you’re the person that can talk some sense to me.

    • AmazinglyBrash

      Love is definitely a privilege, but that privilege takes putting in the work. Both people must work as one unity, before it works for both people. All you can do is give your best daily. Don’t make it about you, make it about the partnership. Respect the person you fell in Love with, don’t change what they don’t want to change and help change what they do. If you give someone all of you and they walk, it’s not Love because Love should be enough….

      And yes, relationships are my passion and my purpose. Write me anytime. But, I will be forward and truthful. You will be challenged….

  2. Sueju Takeshi

    Hi AB,

    I arrived here in your blog through your comments in my most recent post.
    I am really happy to know a little about your life and how you came up writing your posts .

    By the way, may I ask what is this book that you are currently writing?

    • AmazinglyBrash

      Thanks for flying in, i am glad you landed safely to read my bio and some of my other post. I can see we are going to enjoy commenting on eachothers blog. You took my first punch, and you are still standing. Guess you have a strong heart, we will learn from one another.

      I finished my book, now I am in the process of getting it edited. I am sure, I will have a couple of rewrites before it’s totally completed. My book is about how healthy relationships, and how communication in those relationships, will lead to a peaceful world. A man and a woman meet up and start having a intense, vulnerable, and heartfelt dialog, which allows the reader to reflect on their relationships, the vulnerability one needs to truly connect, and it also encourages the reader dig deeper for change. It isn’t written in a conventional way. I allowed some people to read the first chapter, most people got it, some didn’t really like the format. All and all, it should strengthen people’s heartbeats.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m still waiting on my copy of your book! 🙂


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