A Cheaters Assistant….

The tears fall from her eyes and you drown in her tears. You start to believe you can save her from a marriage that she claims not to want. So you start by becoming an addict of her smile; doing whatever it takes to see her teeth. You take her on long walks, picnics under the sunset, and cuddle in her morning smell. Becoming so suffocated in her happiness that you forget she promised another. You forget she used you to break that promise and you will always be a regret.

We can all fall into this cycle of being a cheaters assistant because we get blinded by the connection over the principle. We see the person but lose focus on the crime. We helped to steal a heart or at least honesty. We could have waited until they expressed their desire to leave. We could have been a friend until they were fully committed to starting a proper start with us. But, we want to be the hero. We believe we are the good person saving them from a flawed human being. We never stopped to get the other side of the story. We never stopped to question how we would want her to break it off with us. Only seeing an opportunity, we became our own worst enemy. A Cheaters Assistant

The LoveSnobs

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