Are Most Of Us Living….

We all try to live, knowing we will die. Some use that as an excuse to make poor life decisions. Others decided they want to live to build a legacy that will lift generations to come. Most people are the watchers of those two groups of people. They think they have the power to forgive consistent poor behavior and that’s what makes them human beings. They think they get to appoint leaders and control how they lead. Most of all they don’t know what to believe because they play it safe enough to be tolerant of all differences regardless of how they affect the whole, staying neutral so they can have an opinion without factoring in the whole, and remaining individuals to avoid labels so they feel they can have some control. We can all agree that few are comfortable being villains and fewer are comfortable with being heroes, so most of us believe living means wishing you did more and dying wishing we had more time to be more.

The LoveSnobs

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