Is Marriage Hard Or Are We Just Cowards?

We romanticize being mysterious, use humor to hide the hurt, we even trick ourselves into believing compassion means never sharing the darkest sides of us. We are so entitled! We have started to believe ME matters more than US. We call “marriage hard” but are we just cowards? Always afraid of losing, we push the closest people so far away that when we reveal a layer, they don’t recognize us. When it gets tough, we need space, when our commitments promise to entwine more in those moments. Are we ready for Marriage? A spiritual practice of matching words with actions for an eternal. Hard? It’s easy to wake up every day with our purpose attached to another. It’s easy to say it is hard because that means we have an excuse not to try, to come up short and say it’s human, to call reality failure and success a dream. It not hard to run when you are in shape, walk a tightrope when you master it, and dance in front of millions when you believe in choreography. Marry is easy, when you believe you have a life partner, not someone that just wants a partner to enhance your life. Hard is for those adding drama while subtracting solutions. Are we cowards? Or is marriage just so hard it’s killing hearts more than putting them at ease?


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