Happy Mother’s Day

One of the more obvious examples of AccountableLove, motherhood. A child is always watching, editing a mother like a well-read English teacher. A child has expectation; food, shelter, a role model. When your words leave your mouth, the disappointment pile up, like litter on a new york street. Yet, there are women who walk the path of motherhood. Inspired by their children’s expectations, they are motivated not to fail. Women, that not only had children whether they were ready or not, but, took pride in excepting the responsibility of mentoring and nurturing another’s life support. Those are our mothers. Women, that knew the pain after nine months would be like ripping their teeth out one by one, but they decided to move forward. Toothless! Just to add value to the world. So, join “The AccountableLove Podcast” in wishing our mothers around the world a happy Mother’s Day.

The LoveSnobs

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