People remain in endless draining relationships because they are misinformed. They have the wrong definitions of words that they frequently live by; like forgiveness, loyalty, trust, family, friends, and romantic partnership….Forgiveness is wishing someone the best when they harmed you, not reconciliation. Loyalty starts with self….A person must have standards, morals, and principles before they can attach the word “loyalty” to another person. If someone can’t refine your great attributes, they aren’t worth being around. Trust is something given in one aspect and earned in another. You aren’t going to give a person access to your bank account, keys to your house, or invite them in your circle without familiarity; but you have to open yourself up verbally, emotionally, and spiritually to truly gain that familiarity with a person. Family is a bloodline you’re born in, doesn’t mean you are obligated to put up with their disrespect just because ya’ll share blood. They need to respect you or be at a distance. Now, you’re friends are people that should reflect your ideals….They should share your core values such as honesty, loyalty, understandings, trust, and some more honesty. If ya’ll can’t communicate freely than friends isn’t ya’ll title. Romantic Partnership is two people who share a spiritual connection that promises to keep their eyes locked for eternity, heart’s beating until death, and souls passed for generations. Clarity in all those areas will result in a fruitful healthy existence!

The LoveSnobs

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