Relationships Have Universal Rules….

Do relationships have universal rules? The LoveSnobs answer is yes. We all fear our relationships not being unique so we can maintain control over setting the rules. But, universal rules doesn’t mean each relationship isn’t unique. It does mean there are signs we all should follow when starting equal and healthy personal relationships.

Let’s start with honest communication. What do we mean by honest communication? We mean just that. Sharing your thoughts openly and start easy, hard, and impossible discussions. Relationships grow from seeds to plants by shining lights on problems, watering the soul with transparency, and soiling the foundation by taking pride in using your Love ones like people use prayer. Surrendering to a life of fearlessness, will be refreshing.

Every relationship should be built on faith. Why are we in any relationship we lack faith in? If we can identify someone has a gambling problem by their inability to stop placing bad bets. We must use the same logic to identify some is bad for us when they continuously place us in bad situations. We must always remember faith is a product of believing in the future based on evidence collected from the past and studied in the present. Don’t spend your life placing bad bets on people return value.

Another universal rule is the maintenance of consistent practices. We all may want spontaneity but what allows a longterm relationship to flourish are great habits. We must find people that not only enjoy dancing but want to be excellent dancers. They understand excellence takes practice. Long debates, humbling truths, and working in unisync. We must battle with when to lead and when to follow, ensuring we can perform anytime we are called upon.

We need universal rules to teach relationships, Love, and quality of life. So, do relationships have universal rules. Yes! But, people try to break them just to prove they are different. Never seeing that relationships are about what we have in common.

The LoveSnobs

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