“Our Village” With Lavarn & Jazz (Vodcast)

Lavarn & Jazz are both apart of Aziz & Jerri’s Village. They have signed up to be Accountable in Love for a lifetime. They will talk about what it takes to maintain Equal and Healthy Relationships while building a stable and spiritual Village of support.

  1. Maria Ines Martinez

    I truly enjoyed this Podcast…My first…
    Accountable Love
    I am learning alot about myself. I am able to discuss from the heart and not speak just to speak. Becoming accountable is becoming responsible for everything I say and do. recognizing and admitting my flaws without putting up walls and not letting those I care about the most in this world in. Being able to openly discuss the ignorance inherited. Family is everything at times family is not just blood. I am still in my journey.

    • Accountable Love

      Thank you for watching and taking the time to join the discussion. We are all challenged through our desires over our commitments but we must take pride in honoring our word. Our humanity is constantly tested sometimes we pass and other times we fail. What makes us human is our ability to acknowledge our failures, correct where we went wrong, and work to pass the test in front of us. AccountableLove isn’t about not making mistake, it’s about fighting to maintain a standard of excellence by Learning from our mistakes. Love is a group journey but it takes transparent honesty, blind trust, focused dedication, and surrendering devotion. We all have the choice of Love but once we choose Love, we need to honor that commitment above all else….


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