LoveSnobs 101: Emotions shouldn’t stop honest Communication

A classic mistake we make in relationships is limiting communication to spare emotions.

Yes, it is important not to be harmful with our words, our intent should never be to cause damage. But, as the old saying goes “the truth hurts” not necessarily the words. We just search for someone or something to blame as a pose to listening with the intent to have a dialog to work on our weaknesses.

When our Love ones are telling us we are beautiful, smart, and great; we are fine with “the truth”. When they have to express how they aren’t attracted to us anymore, or how we aren’t prioritizing them into our lives effectively, or even they cheated; we want the right wording, the way we see fit. It doesn’t work that way. We should know the people we Love and listen for the intention, not the word choice.
Effective communication with a friend or partner isn’t the same as dealing with co-workers or strangers. Yes, they both take active listening and effective communication. But, with friends and partners, we can be more direct because they understand our more layers. When talking with friends or partners, we should be comfortable ” not sugarcoating” because they understand our intent and we understand theirs.

So let’s work on seeing truthfulness as thoughtfulness not harsh or hurtful….

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