The Birth of “The LoveSnobs”

We have been friends for over 20 years. We have had time of distance, yet have made our way back to each other. What allows us to be great friends? Our ability to be brutally honest, willfully dedicated, mindfully devoted, and faithfully trusting. We have maintained “AccountableLove” as a faith and lifestyle. We have built a village which goes beyond just raising children, it’s about enhancing each other daily. We have been so many people’s support and model of how a Friendship should look. So, we have decided to share what we have with the world. Our podcast and workshops aren’t for people who lack integrity and discipline. They are for fellow “LoveSnobs”, that are focused on creating healthy relationships while walking away from unhealthy relationships….

Join the Discussion, AccountableLove isn’t for everybody, but it will benefit everyone.


The LoveSnobs

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