The struggle of AccountableLove -Discussion #24

  • We are not victims. We chose to redefine Love. The struggle comes with asking people to redefine the unhealthy relationships they are in. Those that are in relationships that are uncomfortable but they find comfortable in the discomfort.  Those are the ones refusing to listen to reason. It comes a time when we have to look our children in the face and say, “Our children deserve a better example of Love”. “They deserve AccountableLove”.

VodCast Discussion #3: Who Should Lead?

Knowing  a person’s strengths and weakness is key. If partner is better at finances your partner will handle the money in the relationship. If your friend is a better dresser you would take their advice to dress you when you are going out. You must allow the people you are in relationships to lead where they are strong and follow where they are weak.

AccountableLove Podcast: Discussion #20 – Stop Playing Victim


We do get victimized, when someone takes advantage of our vulnerability, but we choose to become victims. We must always take responsibility for the roles we play in an unhealthy relationship. Whether we stayed too long, wasn’t clear in the beginning, or chose to be selfish. Look in the mirror….

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